Romanian Online Courses: Lessons, Grammar and Fun

Dear Romanian language learners, allow us to get into more details about our awesome Romanian online lessons.

Courses for beginners – A1 level

There are a total of 9 courses, of which the first 3 are made for beginners (A1 level), with basic resources: the alphabet, numbers, how to say hello, elementary vocabulary, and just a bit of grammar. So, these courses are a great way to get familiar with Romanian, get the hang of correct pronunciation, and learn the basic notions. Every course starts with a basic remembering knowledge module meant to prepare you for more.

elearn romanian course alphabet

Course 1 – Romanian Alphabet and numbers

In our very first online or in-app lesson, you will learn the Romanian Alphabet, how to count in Romanian up to 100, and the Romanian special characters. You will learn and practice pronunciation especially for our “Ă”, “”, “Δ, “Ș”, “Ț” and out letter groups GHE GE CHE CE. We will practice separately vowels and consonants. The course will end with some test consisting of audio and written practice. We recommend this course especially if you have not been previously exposed to Romanian language or if you still have some doubts about the basic pronunciation of Romanian sounds or how we form numbers from 10 to 100.

elearn romanian course greetings

Course 2 – Greetings and introducing

The second on the go lesson will teach you greetings, how to introduce yourself and how to tell your profession or about essential jobs. You will learn and practice how to say hello and goodbye during the day. You will see that in Romanian, we have both formal and informal greetings and addressing formulas depending on the person we talk to. Here we learn the personal pronouns, and two verbs: to be = “1 fi” and to have=”a avea”. Here we also learn about the time, how to ask or tell the hour. We have a lot of translating exercises.

elearn romanian course how are you

Course 3 – Basic Conversation


As we are close to graduate the beginner level we will go deeper in conversation by separating the formal dialogue and informal dialogue. We will learn to politely ask things and respond and thank. The grammar of this lesson is about prepositions, the indefinite article, and some possessives. We learn with ebooks, images, audio materials and a lot of tests.

Elementary level – A2 Romanian Language Proficiency

Courses from 4 to 7 are for those that would like to pass to an A2 level. This means that you already have basic knowledge when it comes to Romanian and would like to continue studying the language and improve your skills. These courses contain a vocabulary that provides words capable of covering a wide range of situations (la cumparaturi / shopping, timpul cu familia / spending time with the family, calendarul / the calendar, la scoala / at school, in oras / going downtown, and so on) and will also cover basic grammar notions: accords, main verbs at present tense, etc.

Course 4 – Home, demonstratives, possessions, verbs

During this lesson, you will enrich your vocabulary by learning about basic objects, adjectives, and common verbs. We will go deeper in grammar practicing demonstratives, adverbs and present tense for the most common verbs.

elearn romanian basic vocabulary

Course 5 -Essential vocabulary – my town, my family

This course continues to grow your vocabulary and basic grammar knowledge. It blends new words about daily activities and family with basic grammar rules like the agreement between adjectives and nouns and familiarizes you with the indicative mood of the most common verbs.

elearn romanian course essential vocabulary

Course 6 – Learn new words and master Romanian basic verbs

In this lesson expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills with verbs, adjectives, degrees of comparison and many more. We’ll start with days of the week and continue with seasons while practicing degrees of comparison when talking about weather or moments during the day. We will start using past time and future of the most common verbs. Your Romanian conversational skills will get a boost. The final test is meant to consolidate your new knowledge.

elearn romanian course calendar

Course 7 – Traveling and shopping. Vocabulary and advanced grammar – the mood of the verbs

As we are almost ready to finish the elementary level we’ll use effective ways to build vocabulary and practice different moods of the verbs; we will use some adverbs, conditional and command form of the verbs. Some of the exercises are crafted especially not to let you err as an efficient way to learn by practicing with visual exercises.   

elearn Romanian course transport

Intermediate Level – B1 Romanian Language Proficiency


Finally, courses 8 and 9 are for the intermediate level (B1), so they contain grammar notions that are a bit more advanced: verbs and tenses, and a more colorful vocabulary, with the famous Romanian proverbs.

elearn romanian verbs

Course 8 Past and future tense of the verbs


This course is focused on practicing conjugation of the most used verbs. We will have a lot of exercises smarty guiding you to use the correct form of the verb and accommodate the complex Romanian grammar (which, to be honest, is not a piece of cake even for natives). In the final test, you can see your proficiency in using Romanian verbs.

elearn Romanian tests and quotes

Course 9 Tests and quotes


This final course is meant to offer you the chance to repeat all the vocabulary through a lot of tests. The quotes part is for those who already have a high degree of understanding how to play wt Romanian words and their different meanings. This part you will enjoy the most if you already have a good understanding of the Romanian language. We also have here a suite of tests designed to offer you a clear image about the level of your competency in Romanian. They are inspired by recognized methodologies in testing English or Spanish level of proficiency as a foreign language.

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Fundamentals packages offer you access to all courses during the period you choose but you can also buy each course for a month in our marketplace.  

By choosing Fundamental Packages you will also get a number of webinars depending on the package you buy. Our webinars are best suited to be taken from a desktop. They are offered through the LMS provider but we can also arrange to have them on Skype and through mobile devices. The original webinar on the platform offers a better experience consisting of a range of facilities not available on Skype: whiteboard, personal and shared windows on the screen etc.

Of course, if you are interested in a greater number of webinars don’t hesitate to contact us in order to offer you a customized solution according to your objectives in learning the Romanian language.