About Mirela Iancu

eLearnRo was the first site and digital product I built. Actually, it was my big failure. Currently, it is only a story about how I found my second career.

In 2017 I was a bored banking manager looking for a career pivot and planning to move to Spain. It was essential to find an internationally recognized profession to achieve this. At the same time, I began to learn Spanish. One way of doing this was by taking online classes.

Researching digital professions, the first thing that came up was learning Google Ads. To start practicing Google Ads, I needed a site. And the first viable idea of a site was a site dedicated to learning Romanian. It was also motivated by the fact that every day in the bank, I interacted with foreign students and business people who were not speaking Romanian but were willing to learn it.

By 2018 I managed to launch the product but struggled to market it with paid ads on Google and Facebook. Because the revenue was way behind the marketing expenses, researching for a solution to this, I discovered SEO as an alternative to SEM.

Once I discovered SEO, I became so interested in it that I dedicated my time to learn it. I was even invited to mentor it on Course a. That was when I decided to make a career in SEO and dedicated myself entirely to that.

What I achieved:

  • I discovered SEO.

  • I left my banking career in august 2018 and went on to work for a Romanian SaaS startup – Bannersnack (Creatopy now).

  • Finally, I moved to Spain in 2019.

false friends snippet

What I learned:

  • I learned how to optimize for feature snippets, even for a small site without authority. Of course, for niche terms.

  • I learned SEM and SEO.

  • I learned how to build a site with WordPress and the tech fundamentals of creating a digital product.

mirela iancu

Mirela Iancu is a Growth Marketer specializing in SEO, Content Strategy, and Product Marketing. A user-centered thinker, she loves numbers and data as much as words. A winning combo for SEO and word game marketing. She is also passionate about language education and the impact of tech on learning accessibility. Currently located in Barcelona, she is the Growth and Product Marketer for Word Tips.