Want To Impress a Romanian? Learn Romanian And Know More About Famous Romanian Sports Persons!

3 Feb 2018
eLearn Ro Academy Team

Sports and sporting events are among the few things that unite people world over. People travel from all around the world to fill sports stadia during various sports and games such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, car racing and even running during the Olympics. It is usually so nice and a scene to behold whenever people from different cultures all understand a game and join together to cheer their favorite teams.
Consider this for a second, you just met a nice Romanian lady or a gentleman and you pretty much liked them. Whether the feelings are of a romantic type or you simply want to develop another kind of relationship, such as good friends or good colleagues, you need to make an impression. It is known that the first impression matters a lot and you want to take that opportunity (and the one that follows) seriously. Well, don’t fret. All you need to do is learn a little Romanian and know about the famous Romanian sportspersons. We will help you do both! We will help you learn how to speak Romanian. Okay, now that we are on the same page, you may be wondering how to learn Romanian fast or how to learn Romanian easy? Do not worry, you can learn it super easily here and with no time you will be a pro. As you take care of that, here are a number of famous Romanian sports people you may want to know about, as promised.

Famous Romanian Sports Persons

Romanians, whether living in Romania or abroad, love their successful sportspersons. Therefore, when you meet Romanians it would be nice to impress them by knowing stuff or people that are important to them. Knowing about their famous people and particularly the famous sportspersons will leave them utterly impressed. Without further ado they are:

Simona Halep

If you resonate well with tennis, I am sure you have heard of Simona Halep. Ranked as the world number one (in singles) by the World Tennis Association, the 26 years old professional tennis player is a force to reckon. Simona resides in Constanta, Romania and has had an illustrious career throughout the years she has played tennis. To add fete to her already the huge success on the tennis court, she was the most clicked player on WTATennis.com in 2014-2015. Wow, imagine that for two consecutive years she aroused the interest of internet users. That’s no mean feat.
If you are a tennis fan and love Simona, learn Romanian and show your true love and allegiance.


Nadia Comaneci

At the age of 14, this woman was making headlines in the world of sports. She became the first-ever woman to score a perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics in 1976. She set the bar so high for the fellow athletes and is given accolades for making the game famous in the 70’s.  Later on, she would win numerous medals, including gold medals. Though now living in the USA, Nadia was born in Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, Romania and is in knee-deep in promoting Romania.

Gheorghe Hagi

Hagi is a former football player is loved and famous in Romania. This is for good reason; for seven times, he was named Romanian Footballer of the Year. His techniques wowed his fans and he got rewarded for it. In 2003, he was selected the Most Outstanding Player of the past 50 years by the Romanian Football Federation. What a legend!