How to Learn Romanian Fast and Easy – 8 Simple Steps

8 Dec 2018
eLearn Ro Academy Team

So, you are interested to learn Romanian fast and easy? And you are taking practical steps to do just that? This is great news. Romanian is a complex language but extremely fascinating, and one that challenges the human mind more than other languages do. Here are eight simple steps to learning Romanian:

Step 1: Find a native Romanian speaker – offline or online

Find Romanian native speaker


Because Romanian is not spoken globally and because Romanian grammar is not easy to grab, the cheapest way to learn the language is to either find yourself a Romanian teacher with a good level of your native language or English. Barring that (which is usually not very realistic) is to turn to online teachers such as eLearn Ro Academy.

Step 2: Listen and learn Romanian words and sounds

Listen and learn Romanian sounds

Get familiar with the sounds of the Romanian alphabet. For clarity, In Romanian, words are always spelled the same way they are written.  It is essential to learn how to place stress on syllables. To help yourself out, you may want to consider getting an English-to-Romanian dictionary or use some audio materials as we provide in our lessons. What more, you must get used to some specific Romanian characters that are not present in the English language. These are “ă”, “â”, “î” or “ş” and “ţ”. Online teachers such as eLearn Ro Academy provide some examples and exercises both for Romanian characters and letter groups: “ce”, “ci”, “ghe”, ghi”, “ge”, “gi”.

Step 3: Basic words and easy phrases

Learn Romanian basic words

Learn some simple words and basic sentences in Romanian. Here are some; “Da” meaning “Yes”, “Bună!” meaning “Hi”, “Nu” meaning “No”, “Pa” meaning “By” and “Good Luck!”=”Noroc!”. When you have learned this, try to move on to simple sentences, and learn small numbers. Don’t forget about the common expressions like “beton!”- cool,  “Varza”- mess and so on. They can be of great help even in basic conversations with natives and are a fun method to enhance your learning experience Online practice helps you a lot.

Step 4: Build vocabulary fast

Romanian vocabulary

Try and learn five new Romanian words a day. To achieve your goal, write these words, make daily lists and speak them out loud until you memorize them. Tip: keep your motivation up with false friends. Looking for their meaning boost your level of understanding words in context.  Try to read one simple article a day on a topic that interests you, see a video or a movie. It will be the easiest to do this online.

Step 5: Focus on Romanian Grammar

Romanian grammar

Finally, concentrate on Romanian grammar. This is quite challenging but not insurmountable.  For example, there are three genders in Romanian grammar: we have the masculine, feminine and neuter. There are also 5 cases in Romanian: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and vocative. There are a lot of agreements. We also have formal and informal addressing ways. Keep in mind that there are many similarities with Italian and Spanish. So, it will make the job easier for speakers of these languages. Overall we have fewer words than English. Our online exercises are the best.


Step 6: Time to visit Romania and practice easy conversations

Romanian conversation

So, if you want to visit a gorgeous and accessible country, then you need to put Romania on your list of countries to visit as soon as possible. It is blessed with amazing natural scenery, incredible food, and extremely friendly people. There are many places where you can still see traditional households, people that continue to live according to the old ways, with the help of agriculture and farming, away from the technological advances of the great cities. Of course, there are quite a few amazing cities to see as well, if you like urban areas, filled with numerous opportunities for having a great time and for enjoying the highest levels of comfort. Knowing a little Romanian will turn out to be extremely useful when visiting Romania’s amazing locations. Trying to use your first knowledge will help the shift to a conversational level.

Many visitors who come to the country frequently stop by at the National History Museum, the Archeology Museum, and the National Art Museum.

Although Romanian cities are exciting, it is worth visiting the rural area due to the traditions you will see there. It is here where your Romanian language knowledge will be most useful since people in the small but picturesque Romanian villages do not know how to speak English.

A ѕtrаngе attraction worth seeing іѕ Mеrrу Cemetery. This іѕ a real cemetery with funny gravestones, lосаtеd in vіllаgеѕ of Sараntа, Maramures соuntу, Romania. It is fаmоuѕ fоr іtѕ colorful tombstones wіth ѕіmрlе раіntіngѕ dеѕсrіbіng, іn аn original and роеtіс mаnnеr, the реорlе whо аrе buried thеrе аѕ well as ѕсеnеѕ frоm thеіr lіvеѕ. Thе Mеrrу Cеmеtеrу bесаmе a ореn-аіr muѕеum and a national tourist аttrасtіоn.


Step 7: Discover the Romanian cuisine

Romanian cuisine

It is well known that blending learning with a hobby can improve the performance of learning. Especially if you are passionate about cuisine, researching Romanian food and recipes will help your vocabulary grow faster while cooking and tasting a wide variety of delicious dishes. There are foods in Romania that you will not be able to find anywhere else, such as the traditional and authentic “mici”, polenta with salty cheese, sour cream, sausages or fried pork fat, bean stew with smoked ham, eggplant spread with mayonnaise, and many more. So, you should definitely learn Romanian if you are a foodie because you will find a small heaven of mouthwatering and unforgettable foods in this country.


Step 8:  Discover the Romanian legends

Romanian legends

One thing of utmost help for ѕоmеоnе whо wаnt tо learn Romanian, especially іf thе реrѕоn іѕ іntеrеѕtеd in legends, would be to discover Romanian legends.
Romania has interesting legends and myths, and they are part of what makes it a glorious nation. There are museums in the country that show these legends.
The most spectacular legend of Romania is about Dracula. This legend is so popular that it would be a mistake not to start with it. There are many songs, movies, and books written on the powerful, wicked vampire Dracula, but what is the true Romanian story?
We have so many stories about the evil tyrant, but it was in 1897 that Bram Stoker wrote the most successful of them all when he published “Dracula.” He linked Vlad with vampirism in his book by adding superstitions of Transylvania to the novel, and that is the source of most movies we know today about the bloodsucking Dracula. You can read the full story in Romanian books, also use them to teach yourself Romanian.
His fоrmеr саѕtlеѕ are Brаn Cаѕtlе, Drасulа Winter Castle, Buda Cаѕtlе еtс.

Depending on your hobbies I also recommend you try to watch Romanian movies or even soap opera, listen to Romanian music, read some magazines, easy books, and books for children in Romanian.


Learning the Romanian language could be an awesome experience! Combining the right teachers with groundbreaking e-learning methods and hobbies will make the experience fast and easy.

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